Reconstructive Plastic Surgery 

Many people may not be aware that the specialty of plastic surgery includes not only the discipline of cosmetic surgery but also reconstructive plastic surgery.

For decades, plastic surgeons have been at the forefront of reconstruction, from the reattachment of fingers…to the reconstruction of a breast cancer survivor….to helping children overcome congenital abnormalities.

Did you know that the first successful kidney transplant was performed by plastic surgeon Joseph Murray in 1954?

Dr. Charles Loguda, Dr. Howard Tepper, Dr. Jerrold Zeitels and Dr. Richard Tepper continue to embrace the calling of their discipline by helping those affected by trauma, cancer, or other ailments.

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The specialty of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery is broad. The surgeons at Associates in Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery treat many conditions, some of which are listed below:

  • Reconstruction following breast cancer surgery
  • Developmental Breast abnormalities
  • Skin cancers including Melanoma
  • Soft tissue cancers and reconstruction
  • Hand Surgery, including soft tissue injuries, bone injuries such as fractures, nerve and tendon injuries
  • Pediatric Plastic Surgery, such as congenital nevi, ear deformities, treatment of prominent ears (otoplasty) and many other aspects
  • Facial trauma and fractures of the face

If you or a child / relative are injured and require suturing, call our office.   We are often available to tend to your injuries after hours one of several emergency rooms in the area, such as Overlook, Rahway and St. Barnabas.   Wouldn’t you feel better having a plastic surgeon treat your injury?

Do you suffer from Migraines?   Plastic Surgery may help you!    Studies have shown that Botox can sometimes treat Migraine headaches.   And for patients with refractory symptoms, surgery may offer an improvement or even a possible cure.

So whether it’s something as simple as suturing a laceration, or as complex as reconstructing a delicate part of your body, we encourage you to contact us at (908) 654-6540, or click here to schedule a consultation online.