Male Breast Reduction Surgery (Gynecomastia)

Did you know that overdevelopment of the male breasts is fairly common yet seldom discussed.    Often a cause of anxiety, this condition is believed to affect between 40% and 60% men.

The Board-certified Plastic Surgeons at Associates in Plastic & Aesthetic have helped many men, both young and older, feel better about themselves.

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 Who is a good candidate?

  •  Men with enlarged breast tissue that is NOT the result of medication or unresolved endocrine issues
  • Men who are self-conscious about the appearance of their chest
  • Firm, elastic skin will better contour than loose, flabby skin
  • Men who are relatively healthy and not massively overweigh
  • Men who don’t consume excessive alcohol, use marijuana or take anabolic steroids, as all are associated with this condition

The Procedure

  • Your surgery will be performed in a hospital or fully accredited surgery center
  • Several anesthetic choices exist, depending on the extent of correction
  • Suction assisted lipectomy (“Liposuction”) is often employed during this, perfomred through tiny access points around the nipple area of in the breast creases
  • Firmer breast tissue may be directly removed through an incision along the edge of the areola
  • The resulting scars are quite inconspicuous

The Recovery

  • Patients go home the same day, often wrapped in a gauze and ace bandages.  Or a garment will be used
  • Your first follow-up appointment will be in 2-3 days, after which you may shower
  • Most men have mild to moderate discomfort for 3-5 days, often returning to semi-normal activity shortly thereafter
  • Some mild swelling or bruising may occur


  • You can achieve a flatter, more defined chest
  • You can feel more confident whether you’re wearing a shirt or not
  • Exercise without the concern over breast tissue mobility 

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