Forehead Lift (Brow Lift)

 A Forehead lift (or brow lift) can reduce or eliminate those horizontal lines across the forehead and even on the bridge of the nose

 It can help reposition sagging eyebrows, which may also help alleviate some hooding of the upper lids (appearance of too much skin)

 Your eyebrows can obtain a more youthful position, so you can appear more alert and awake

 Dr. Charles Loguda, Dr. Howard Tepper, Dr. Richard Tepper and Dr. Jerrold Zeitels have the knowledge and experience to deliver a natural, rejuvenated appearance

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 Who Is a Good Candidate?’

  • Men and Women from Springfield, Westfield, and throughout northern New Jersey who say they look older than they feel.
  • Those who think they look angry or tired, even when they don’t
  • People who find that they have to strain their forehead to see better


Did you know that some forms of brow lifting can also assist with surgery to alleviate migraine headaches.   The plastic surgeons at Associates in Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery would be happy to discuss whether you’re a candidate for this procedure

The Procedure

  • Forehead Lift can be performed in a number of different fashions to suit your specific need.
  • A small Incision lift can be performed with lateral forehead incisions in the hairline.    The skin layer is undermined, or separated from the underlying muscle.  Working toward the outer part of the eyebrow, excess skin is removed, causing a tightening and lifting of the outer portion of the brow.
  • Other Lifts may involve longer incisions in the hair-bearing portion of your scalp or along the hairline.  The extend may depend on the amount of skin that requires tightening.
  • Another lift is referred to as an endoscopic brow lift.  Utilizing small incisions about half an inch in length, a small camera and instruments are inserted beneath the skin to loosen attachments and allow for brow lifting.
  • And this latter procedure can assist in permanent division of the corrugator muscles, those tiny structures that are responsible for “frown” lines.
  • Brow Lifting procedures are often performed in combination with other facial rejuvenation techniques, such as a facelift or blepharoplasty (eyelid) surgery.  IV sedation or other forms of anesthesia are often employed
  • Your procedure will be performed in a hospital or fully accredited surgery center.

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The Recovery

  • You can go home after a couple of hours, though some patients elect to stay in an overnight facility
  • You can expect some mild to moderate soreness, as well as some swelling
  • These symptoms usually subside within the first week, allowing return to light activities fairly quickly
  • Minimal bruising may occur, but makeup can often be worn early in your recovery period

The Results

  • You can achieve a smoother, more youthful brow appearance
  • Your vision may seem improved since your eyelids may not seem as heavy
  • The results can be long lasting, giving years of youthful improvement. 

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